Services | Nails

Naturally Nail Care

“Textures” Manicure/Pedicure | $15/$30 (Combo $40)

Hand care service includes nail shaping, nail soak, cuticle treatment, moisturizing lotion and polish. Foot care includes and Invigorating foot soak, callus removal, toenail and cuticle treatment, foot massage and polish. (50 Mins)

Spa Manicure/Pedicure | $20/$35 (Combo $50)

A truly lavish manicure/pedicure. It begins with a relaxing soak in scented water. Next is an exfoliation using natural sea salts and aromatherapy oil. A Relaxing massage hands/feet with moisturizing lotion leaves hands silky and smooth. The final touch is buffing and polishing of the nails. (75 Mins)

Paraffin Manicure/Pedicure | $30/$45 (Combo $55)

Essential oils are massaged into the skin, restoring the bio-rhythmic patterns that contribute to your health and well-being. Along with making your nails look fantastic. Soothing dip in a warm paraffin wax formulated Chamomile, Lemon, Lavender, or Vanilla helps to soften and rejuvenate your hands & feet (Polish or French). (75 Mins)

Nail Enhancements:

Polish Change | $10

French Nail Polish | $10/$15

Nail Shellac | $35

A process in which the nail is naturally covered with a special gel polish that extends the longevity of the manicure to two plus weeks without chipping.

Nail Repair | Starting at $2

Nail Art | Starting at $3

Men-I-Cure | Hand and Foot Grooming for Men

Man on the Go! | $20

Hand care includes nail and cuticle treatment, moisturizer and hand massage. Leave with a natural nail, a buff or matte polish finish. (25 Mins)

The Executive | $30

Hand care includes a hand soak, nail and cuticle treatment, sea salt exfoliation and moistruizer with hand to elbow massage. Leave with a natural nail, a buff or matte polish finish. (35 Mins)

Foot Grooming | $45

Total spa treatment for the man who wants it all. Invigorate your hard working tired feet which includes foot soak, callus removal, toenail and cuticle care, buffing and shaping of the nails. Sea salt exfoliation & moisturizer with foot and leg massage. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils are utilized to energize, refresh the mind, reduce fatigue and soothe tired muscles. (45 Mins)


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