Services | Hair

Grooming and Styling

Loc Start-up | $75 and up

Loc Grooming and Maintenance | $55 and up

(Includes wash, condition, essential oils and retwist)

Two Strand Twist | $75 and up

Comb Twist | $75 and up

Twist Extensions | $250 and up

Loc Extensions | $300 and up

Theraputic Shampoo | $20

Latchook and Sew in Weaves | $250 and up

Strawsets | $125

Wrap Loc Extensions | $425

Cornrows | $35


New Installation | Starting at $300

Re-tightening: $30 per hour


*All services, except consultation, include shampoo.


Kinky Twists | $250

Sew-in | $75 & up

French Braids | $40 and up

Children Styles | $40 and up (beading available)

Latch Hook Styles | starting at $75


Lavender-Rosemary Hot-Oil Treatment | $15

Our hot oil treatments are made in-house from the finest organically grown lavender and rosemary herbs, combined with almond, jojoba and castor oils. This treatment coats each strand of hair repairing damage caused by environment, daily stress and chemicals. It prevents breakage while adding essential nutrients and luminous sheen to hair.

Apple-Cider Vinegar Rinse | $15

This rinse penetrates the loc assisting in the removal of debris that may be trapped in the loc.

Lemon-Lavender-Rosemary Rinse | $15

The combination of these three herbs help strengthen the loc while leaving a delicious bouquet of fragrance.